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Professor Dr. Milan Ristović        
History Department,
Faculty of Philosophy



 Born 22 October 1953. in Priština.Graduated from Department of Contemporary History, Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade. In 1981, received M.A. degree in history from Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. In 1991, received Ph. D. from same institution; dissertation entitled: The German “New Order" and Southeastern Europe, 1940/41- 1944/45: Experience and Plans for the Future (published 1991).
 From 1978 to 1989 assistant at the Institute for Contemporary History, Belgrade. In 1990 joined Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History. Elected assistant professor 1991; 1998 associated professor, 2002 professor. Head of the History department 2002-2004; from 2004 chief of the Chair for General Modern History at the same Faculty.
 By Institute fur europaische Geschichte, Mainz, in 1984 and 1987, awarded fellowship on project "The Third Reich and Southeastern Europe in WW II". In 1992 awarded scholarship by Osterreichisches Ost - und Sudosteuropa Institut, Vienna; in 1995. scholarship by the Arbeitsstelle fur Vergleichende Geschichte, F.U. Berlin; In 1996.DAAD scholarship. Researches in: BA-Koblenz und Berlin, PA AA, Bonn und Berlin, BA/Militaer Archiv Freiburg i. Brg, Arhiv der Republik, Vienna, Public Record Office, London, Arhiv of the Greek Foreign Minstry, Athens.
 Attended on number of international historical conferences and gave lectures byinvitation on number of foreign universities and institutes (in 1991 at School for East European and Slavonic Studies, London; 1996 in Weimar, Germany; February 1997 Mannheim University; November 1999 at Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessalonica; April 2000 at Trieste University, October 2002 at Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, Athens and at Free University Berlin,  2004 SEES, London University, 2005 Uppsala University, Tokyio University 2006, University of Cuimbra 2009). 
From1994, managing editor of scientific journal Godišnjak za društvenu istoriju (Annual of Social History). 1998 cofounder of the NGO Society for Social History, Belgrade.
 Main publications:
 1 German "New Order" and Southeastern Europe 1940/41-1944/45. Plans on Future and Practice,VINC Beograd, 1991, 418 (second edition 2004).

 2 In Search of Refuge. Yugoslav Jews Fleeing the Holocaust 1941-1945), Službeni list, Beograd 1998 , 382 .

 3 Long Journeu Home. Greek Refugee Children in Yugoslavia 1948-1960, (published in Serbian), Udruženje za društvenu istoriju, Beograd, 1998, 217.

 4Ordinary People. Supplemets for the History, Geopoetika, Beograd, 1999, 134.

 5 Long Journey Home. Greek Refugee Children in Yugoslavia 1948-1960, (English Translation) Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki, 2000, 138. Greek edition 2008.

 6. Black Peter and the Balkan Brigands. Balkans and Serbia in the German Satirical Magayines 1903/1918, Udružemje za društvenu istoriju & Čigoja štampa, Belgrade, 2003 (published bilingual-on English and Serbian language).

 7. То περιαμα Μπουλκες. «Η Ελληνικη Δημοκρατια» στιν Γιουοσλαβια 1945-1949. Εκδοτικος Οικος, Αδελφων Κυριακιδη α.ε., Θεσσαλονηκη, 2006, 132 (Experiment Buljkes. „Greek Republic in Yugoslavia 1945-1949-Serbian edition Novi Sad 2007).

 8. Private life in Serbia in 20th century, CLIO, Belgrade 2007, (ed. by Milan Ristovic)




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